jeudi 11 avril 2019

fix Akiko DoomAttack

Trouvé par hasard ce matin un gros bug dans le petit module 'c2p_akiko' de DoomAttack...

Testé seulement sous WinUAE émulation CD32, dites-moi si ça fonctionne aussi avec le hardware réel...

Disponible ici.

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  1. downloaded and installed , doesn't work in winuae ,gives error msg , chunky to planar conversion failed, using rtg instead.
    On my CD32 with TF330 ,it just makes the screen all corrupted like on the old versions of Akiko.

    as far as i can tell, it hasnt made any difference at all sadly.

    1. 1/ I tried again under WinUAE and it's working well ! With my c2p_akiko and c2p_akiko2... Have you selected the "CD32" into Hardware/Chipset ?

      2/ On your TF330, have you flashed the read burst new firmware ? If yes, the c2p Akiko seems disabled with this new feature... If you can flash again the first firmware (without the read burst enabled), I think it will works...

      I guess the SX32Pro is very slow because of this read burst disabled, for a working c2p Akiko...

  2. my TF330 is the older unflashed version without the read burst, and still doesn't work,both akiko files are just garbled mess and cant see anything on screen at all.

    1. Oh ?

      And the original c2p_akiko2 is working ?

      Because the bug I found is only into c2p_akiko...


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